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Set of 3 Tierra Candles

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This Set of 3 Tierra Candles integrates different colors with harmonious contrasts and a range of scents, which makes it ideal for any space. Mixing the whole range of Consciente's collection of designer candles, they are made by a collective of women artisans in Tonalá, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

The set of 3 comes with three candles of different shapes and the same color/scent combinations, which are: green (eucalyptus and rosemary) to energize and motivate you; purple (myrrh) to encourage meditation and being one with body, mind and soul; pink (gardenia) to disconnect from the routine and enjoy a moment of peace and rest.


Lustro: 14.50cm (5.70") 4.5cm (1.77") 4.5cm (1.77")

Década: 10cm (3.93") 7.5cm (2.95") 4.5cm (1.77")

Siglo: 20cm (7.87") Diameter: 6.5cm (2.55")

Weight: 0.605kg (21.34oz)


Ana and Fernando met at University and soon found out they had a shared purpose in life: to achieve social change through design. They turned to their community in Guadalajara and soon were developing products with a collective of women artisans specialized in candlemaking in Tonalá.

Mixing traditional artisanal techniques with a modern and slick approach to design, they founded their brand Consciente, making candles whose shapes, colors, and scents will take you on a whole new journey of discovery.
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