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Timeless Summer Cape

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This innovative summer version of a classic wool cape is made with 100% cool wool and conveniently tied with a hook on the collar. With its deep blue color, it is ideal to wear over a base layer of your choice on your way to the farmer's market on a Sunday morning or to keep warm on a breezy summer night.

The cape edges are decorated in Moroccan sfifa ribbon, woven with silk threads to give it a relaxed and chic drape look. 

Dimensions: Length : 43" (108cm)

Weight: 1lb (0.45kg)

Laly Marrakech

In 2015, leaving her demanding job in Finance, Badra Bengeloune took a leap of faith and created her fashion brand: Laly Marrakech. A refined, contemporary, and modern brand aiming to fuse modern lines with traditional Moroccan know-how. Using only high-quality fabrics meticulously sourced in Italy, each garment and accessory is handmade in Morocco and embellished with embroidery and decorations hand-stitched by expert craftswomen, giving each piece a relaxed yet sophisticated look.
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