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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $100

Vichada Set of Three Wicker Baskets

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The charming and robust Vichada Set is a set of three wicker baskets woven in natural fiber by passionate Colombian craftsmen from the region of Vichada. A washable and breathable material, they are perfect to be used as a wastepaper bin and for storage of toys, magazines, dried flowers, plants, bathroom accessories, and other household items.

Each item is entirely made by hand from wicker, a vegetable fiber that is obtained from a bush of the willow family.

Material: Natural wicker 


Large: 13" x 13" (32cm × 31cm)

Medium: 9" x 8" (22cm × 20cm)

Small: 7" x 7" (17cm ×16cm)

Weight: 1lb (0.45kg)

Waraos Amazónicos

In 2017, Luis David Colmenarez decided to research his ancestry and heritage with a trip to discover the environment and traditions of the indigenous people of the Orinoco region, in the Venezuelan and Colombian Amazon. His brand, Waraos Amazónicos was born with the goal to make the traditions of the natives of the Amazon known to the world, through crafts made with an eco-friendly process that conserves nature and protects the environment.
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