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Black Friday is Here: Sign Up and get 20% OFF Everything!

Yellow Bullet Lamp

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$346.00 - $346.00
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A shape that resembles a cross between a bullet mid explosion or monstera leaf, Alta Estudio’s Yellow Bullet Lamp will illuminate your home with style and an injection of Colombia’s diverse cultural landscape. Woven in a natural color from Iraca straw with natural fibers from the sun-dried iraca palm.

The lampshade is made by the Yaneris in Usiacurí Atlántico and attached to a vibrantly colored cotton cable by master artisans. It is not just a work of functionality but contains a cultural message and a wish to preserve the traditions and identities of indigenous communities whose existences are at risk. Light up your home and indulge in Colombia’s rich cultural history with the beautiful Yellow Bullet Lamp.

Dimensions: 15.7 x 23.6 in (39.9 x 60 cm)

Weight: 5 lbs (2.3 kg)

Please note, this item is made to order and will take 45 days to create. Once it is ready, it will be delivered to you within 10-14 business days. 

Alta Estudio

Industrial and product designer Alejandro Tapias studied in Europe before moving back to his native Colombia to set up Alta Estudio and create beautiful, utilitarian objects with the help of master artisans from the country’s diverse cultural landscape. Working with indigenous communities, Alejandro designs stunning objects of home décor, which tell stories, maintain traditions and identities and encapsulate in themselves the stunning landscapes, climates, resources, and history of the places where they were made.
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